Crow Falls Down

Is there a demographic more committed to expanded police powers, torture, the curtailment of institutional protections for women, the “war on terror,” the Drug War, law and order, property rights, property idolatry, the myth of the nuclear family’s efficacy, gender roles, the criminalization of dissent, anti-revolutionary foreign policy, jingoism, state’s rights, the prison industry, corporate ascendency, the spiritualization of money, the breaking of labor and unions, or American exceptionalism than the mostly male and white gun fetishists of the South based GOP?

And yet, there is no group of people more enamored of the notion that they are the signature threat to the civil order, a threat so all-encompassing that the Feds and law enforcement lose sleep trying to conjure up ways of grabbing guns from their heroic, cold dead hands.

This is a population sector which lionizes itself as dangerous to power, producing story, image and propaganda to that effect on a daily basis. It politics entirely on the premise that it is the bully’s back upon which bully pulpits rest.

Frenzied, hyperbolic, invincible in its perfervid fantasies of the subjugation of its feminized enemies and dominion over the foreign hordes who threaten its way of white existence, there is no demographic less a threat to power than that which fetishizes guns.

Here, we have a clear portrait of a demographic so sure it’s a threat to the powers-that-be that it can no longer be persuaded of the truth: not only does it not frighten power, it’s the core citizen group upon whom the powerful will rely to excuse them morally and support them politically when they go after the people who really give them night sweats and bureaucratic worries.

There are hundreds of millions of guns, used by tens of millions of gun owners, to expend hundreds of millions of rounds of ammunition each year, in the United States. There are thousands of gun stores and gun ranges, and no matter how often the gun fetishists pretend otherwise, the Feds not only don’t shut them down or grab the guns, they enter into contractual relations with the manufacturers of these weapons on a regular basis.

Yet, if you should happen upon an anarchist, a Marxist, a feminist, a prison reformer, a black activist and a socialist in a room with a Quaker, you can be reasonably assured that every law enforcement acronym within a thousand miles has submitted a budget proposal, seeking the funding and outlining its mandate to infiltrate.

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